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george w. bush, george w. bush, george w. bush. car going back in the ditch and conde is driving it. >> dana: think of the video. >> andrea: exactly. one romney source told me months ago the goal of their campaign was to do no harm. and i think if they are going to do no harm, they will go with a safe bet, someone like rob portman, someone like -- >> eric: can i? >> andrea: very boring. >> eric: that is the problem with the romney campaign. >> bob: right. >> eric: i mentioned in the "a" block. they are defending boos, defending bank, defending bain. >> dana: not alcohol. >> eric: get off the defensehe . >> bob: you don't -- >> greg: they need alan west. it would blow everybody up. >> bob: it certainly would. >> dana: including bob's head. >> bob: if you are trying to become president don't play it safe. if you are incumbent, you say yes. the way they are doing this, if they take portman, it's not, vice presidents don't give you much. we know that. maybe a few points. rubio could give you a few points and win florida. the rest of the people -- >> andrea: playing a safe is a theme we
will says who do you hold responsible for the trouble of the economy? 60% say george w. bush. >> kimberly: they believe obama. >> greg: this poll over whether things are worse off is misleading. if you are disgust by the idea of western exceptionalism, things worse off is seen as a success. as though america is fat kid that shed pounds of greatness. we're supposed to be injured. that's the point. you look perplexed. >> juan: i am perplexed. shock and awe, greg. [over talk ] >> kimberly: the president has to transform the country since 2009 inauguration. >> eric: i said the republicans -- this is a republican talk point. >> kimberly: we shall see. democratic congressman calling for school to be more like islamic school. this is our anniversary week. the fox turns one. we kick off the celebration this morning on fox and friends. we will continue this tonight. don't make a move. stay tuned. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> eric: welcome back, everybody. first he accused the tea party of wanting "blacks hanging on a tree." now a democratic congressman andre carson thinks all public school should be
. published. but it comes from the george w. bush institute. the forward is by him, but the rest of it is made up of all the different economists on every different subject you can imagine. i read a couple of chapters today. it's excellent. >> greg: give me the b
. eleanor bush no, relation to george w. bush. at cranbrook school in michigan and runs the teen republican club. i wanted to sec rise her -- recognize her and thank her for her efforts. >> greg: she is taller than you. >> kimberly: i had five-inch heals on. >> bob: she will change. freddie i want to touch on fireworks they were never able to figure out what happened when you got a dud. you could never return it to the fireworks stand. last month, 6200 residents in alaska got hopes up. hoax that taco bell was going to arrive but it was a hoax. they were let down, devastated. taco bell is a great american, they sent -- 10,00,000 durry toe loc -- doritos loco tacos to make them. that makes america great. about pie wall street if you gave them 10,000 years and all tin gredients they couldn't make one taco. >> bob: thanks, greg. >> eric: quickly, you know what? how old was she? >> dana: 17. eleanor bush is 17. >> eric: who sales 17? >> eric: come back. come back to republicans. >> bob: two more one more thing. i want to thank greta van susteren who sent us a nice note about the fact that this s
a point. george w. bush did more for aids and relief in aids in africa than any president before or since and he and his wife recently went to africa to put their feet with their money was. a lot of people are alive because of what george bush did for aids and he's underappreciated. >> country superstar, troy cook jr., new song, lazy american dream. >> lazy american dream. anything worth having we should have it all for free ♪ ♪ the home of the made of in the land of the what about me ♪ ♪ >> anything worth having we should have it all for free. >> what was his -- oh, what's that mean? >> that's a good song. >> one more thing, something nice about bush. >> thank you. >> well, this is not so nice. you know that 200 and so years ago we kicked the british's butts, now they're offended. the olympics start this week so these people that are mad because the americans are coming over, spending hard-earned money to pump up the economy, this is the bag they decided to put together. it says, i rented my flat to a fat american family. isn't that rude? >> it is really rude. >> but apparently t
candidate, george w. bush and bill clinton, everybody else releases and obama but romney should get a pass? >> andrea: wool socks up to this point about -- >> bob: why doesn't romney do what everybody else does? you're covering up for romney. >> kimberly: you're covering up for obama. >> bob: have him put his tax returns out. coward and he won't do it. >> kimberly: whatever. erroneous. erroneous. >> bob: that was enjoyable. george zimmerman, the man accused of murdering trayvon martin. my good friend sean hannity spoke to him last night. you don't want to miss it. >> bashed my head to the concrete sidewalk. as soon as he broke my nose i started yelling for help >>> do you regret that you had a gun that night? >> no, sir. >> do you feel you wouldn't here for this interview if you didn't have that gun? >> no, sir. >> you feel you would not be here? >> i feel it was all god's plan and for me to second guess it or judge i it -- >> is there anything you would do differently in retrospect now that time has passed a little bit? >> no, sir. >> kimberly: that was george zimmerman, the man accused o
. george h.w. bush, eight years. clinton eight years. what is wrong with romney? why won't he do it? >> kimberly: what is wrong with romney? >> bob: why doesn't he release his taxes? >> kimberly: he will. >> bob: he says he won't. >> kimberly: what about president obama? >> bob: 11 years he has done it. 11 years. >> kimberly: the most secretive president we've had. so what? >> bob: they are if you are mitt romney. >> dana: the illinois state senate schedule or the occidental college records or the columbia college records or harvard. maybe they should put something on the table. >> bob: you think those are more important as tax returns? >> kimberly: why is he hiding it and pointing fingers at others? total hypocrisy when he won't release anything. it's appalling and offensive -- >> bob: you don't find it appalling that every other democrat and republican released his taxes? >> kimberly: i'm sure he will. it will show he is a successful businessman that has given a lot back and more to charity than president obama who has given 1% back. >> bob: if he is going to release it, why suffe
. and george h.w. bush planted one on his bride. it's cute. i like it. i don't like the p.d.a. aggression at all. i can't stand it. people fighting, i get so uncomfortable. >> greg: like a free movie. >> bob: do you do pda with your wife in public? >> eric: no, but i do it with my dog. he is the cutest little dog. >> bob: you do it with your dog? >> eric: i hug him. >> dana: did anybody tell you that you guys are on the kiss cam. >> greg: bob, i told you once they were going to okay gay marriage this is next. eric and his dog in public. >> eric: he's so cute. he's a good boy, though. >> andrea: people said when clothes -- >> bob: you have to be careful with it. >> andrea: when clothes started to come out, that's too much. they don't like making out, but they like a peck or pinch or tap. >> dana: a lot of tongue bothers me. that's the line i cross. >> greg: is that why you dumped gene simmons. >> eric: are you trying to say president obama slipped a tongue -- >> dana: no. theirs was appropriate and totally cute. >> bob: would you slip the tongue with your dog? >> andrea: i was in a bar onc
Search Results 0 to 27 of about 28 (some duplicates have been removed)